Any hedgehog found out in daylight at anytime of year whatever its size will be in need of immediate help, so please phone us at once on 734340 if you live in Jersey or contact your nearest carer or a vet if you live elsewhere.  A list of UK carers is to be found on the BHPS website carers page:

The Jersey Hedgehog Preservation Group rescues, rehabilitates and releases back into the wild Western European hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeus) in Jersey, British Channel Islands. We were founded in 1992 and now look after 300-400 hedgehogs each year.




Public Awareness: We try to increase public awareness about hedgehogs in Jersey and the dangers they face living in a small Island so near to humans and all the hazards they cause for wildlife. We give talks to groups of all ages, interviews to the media and take part in fund raising events.

We produce quarterly newsletters for our members. You are welcome to join the Group, our current minimum annual subscription is 5 per year.


Hedgehog Care: We care for any sick, injured or orphaned hedgehogs found by members of the public and once they are fit again, we release them back into the wild as near to where they were found as is sensible. This is done under veterinary guidance. We work closely with the New Era Veterinary Hospital, Georgetown, Jersey. If you find a hedgehog in trouble, probably lying out of its nest in the daytime, do give us a ring and we will do our best to restore it to health or care for it until it is big enough to survive in the wild on its own. Occasionally hedgehogs are so badly injured that the vets decide that they cannot be released back into the wild, then they are cared for in safe enclosed gardens ( for the rest of their lives.


Scientific Research: We contribute information for scientific research about hedgehogs.  We keep records of all hedgehogs in our care and fit most of them with numbered ear-tags to identify them if they are found again. We rely on members of the public to tell us when they find a tagged hedgehog, either dead or alive.

So if you find a hedgehog with an ear tag in Jersey, please contact us on  734340, even if it is dead, it will add to our knowledge of what happens to them once they have been released, for example: how far they travel from the release point, how long they live and we may be able to tell if the problems it had on its first visit have recurred.













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